Llama Trails, Inc. Red Hat Certified Engineer

We service all brands of IBM compatible computer systems, whether they are running DOS, Windows, NCR UNIX, or Red Hat Linux.

We will offer you the most cost effective way to solve your computing issues.

Home or business, 7 days a week, evenings, at your location and at your convenience.

Does your system need to be upgraded ?
Do you need a CRDOM/CDRW/DVD installed ?
Are you running out of hard disk space ?

Do you need to have your systems networked together ?
Are you having difficulty installing a DSL or Cable modem ?
Would you like to have multiple systems access your DSL or cable modem at the same time ?

Is your system crashing or locking up ?
Do you need to have someone setup and configure your new systems ?
Is setting up a Linux server too complicated ?
Do you need to have some applications installed ?
Did your Systems Administrator leave you with no one to keep everything running smoothly ?

We can help you. Drop us an email, fax or call us. Consultations are free.

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